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Welcome to Erianna's!

First and foremost, I am a mother of two and married to an incredible man for over 26 years. I seem to be a magnet for every kind of stray animal that comes anywhere near me, and am truly grateful for everything that comes our way, good or bad. Our son, Rylan, was in the Navy (stationed on the USS Jefferson City submarine) is but is now an underwater welder and salvage operator in the Gulf. And as much as we love our son with all our hearts, it is our daughter, Brianna, who has been a key component to me in my endeavor for this business.

Brianna graduated from University of Tennessee in Knoxville for Animal Sciences and Sustainability in 2016. Although I am extremely biased when it comes to her beauty (you will see her modeling the clothing and jewelry on many products throughout the website) she doesn't model just for me and so because of her convictions on the state of our world, her incredible fashion sense (not to mention her Instagram skills), she is one of the many reasons how Erianna's came to be.

So, there it is! Brianna... She may not take over the business but she is, and they both, are my legacy and hope this new endeavor will have a life of it's own, like both my children.

Erin (me) + Brianna = Erianna('s) = Eriannas.com

And even though I no longer have a storefront, the number displayed is my cell phone, and my philosophy for always trying to find the best solution that best addresses any issue in order to benefit the customer...will never change. I thank all of you for your patience and look forward to showing everyone the beautiful, hand-made, OOAK pieces that are perfect for anyone who appreciates the workmanship and the stories behind each of them.

What started as a small brick-n-mortar retail gallery-boutique in a very small Lake Michigan tourist town...has evolved into a full eCommerce only business. And although I miss the interaction with the public and the incredible people that I've met, I feel drawn to fill the gap of quality items to be found online these days.  And since eCommerce is my background and fully understand the policies, procedures, and design concepts of the system backend as well as those on the front-end, managing a fully integrated eCommerce business made sense.

Erin J. Lounsbury

Erianna's Online Boutique